Northumberland (oil, 2018)

Nature, psyche, and life appear to me like divinity unfolded – what more could I ask for? ~ C.G. Jung.

This module draws upon the latest research in the field of transpersonal psychology (sometimes called “spiritual psychology”) and its practical application in transpersonal psychotherapy, and provides a basic training in the use of imagery in psychotherapy, including when working with trauma. Particular focus will be given to the use of “spot imaging” (developed by the founders of transpersonal psychology in the UK, Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers), embodied imagery, and working with ego-states/parts/sub-personalities. The module will also introduce the use of “eye positions” as a way of enhancing the benefits of imaging and increasing therapeutic efficacy. Crucially, the qualities of “therapeutic presence” and “attunement” will be fully considered from a transpersonal perspective.

To support the integration of methodology arising from this module into existing practice, the module is offered in two parts.

  • Part One contains the core theoretical material, interventions and practices.
  • Part Two offers an opportunity to consolidate learning and reflect on your therapeutic practice since Part One.

This is the first of three modules in transpersonal psychotherapy. Themes and practices considered in this module will form the foundation for Transpersonal Psychotherapy Modules Two and Three (details to follow). Module Two focuses on self-resourcing in psychotherapy and the cultivation of effective resourcing practices. Module Three focuses on the deep imagination, embodied imagination, dreams, spirituality and spiritual emergence.

Each module brings together three cornerstones of transpersonal psychology: that is, being personally transformative, advancing professional development, and being grounded in academic theory and research. As such, the modules aim to increase learning at practice, theory and process levels, and support integration of approaches into existing therapeutic practice.

The modules are particularly suited to counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists looking to integrate a transpersonal perspective into their work.

Prerequisite Requirements

Applicants must be experienced counsellors or psychotherapists with a minimum of 200 hours post-qualifying practice.


Dates: Part One: Saturday & Sunday | Part Two: Saturday & Sunday (This module is not currently scheduled)
Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm (26 CPD hours)
Fee: £300
Venue: Berwick-upon-Tweed, TBC
Number of places: 8

Booking: Please enquire via Contact