pic_9The imagination awakens the wildness of the heart, it returns us to our native wildness, to the natural and seamless fluency of our own nature ~ John O’Donohue

The soul wants imaginative responses that move it, delight it, deepen it. ~ James Hillman

The wildness of the heart holds possibilities for what is longing to be lived. Often felt as restlessness below the surface of our lives we sometimes forget to turn our attention to this wild inner calling to a fuller life. Paying attention to the language of image, metaphor and symbol through remembering our dreams and responding to the deep imagination is a way toward greater discernment of our authentic path. Bringing this intention into encounters with wild nature “out there” not only deepens our relationship with our inner life, but bonds us more fully with the community of nature which often appears to support our unfolding.

The weekend will include working with dreams, guided visualisations, embodied imagination (also embodied imagery) ceremony, conversations on the Wildness of the Heart theme, and solo explorations in nature. There will also be an opportunity for image making and journalling.

This workshop will include time spent in nature to deepen your experience of the process.

If you do not follow your longing, then you do not follow yourself ~ Carl Jung (Liber Novus)

Go to the limits of your longing ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Fall toward the centre of your longing ~ David Whyte


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