Portals into Deep Imagination

Portals into Deep Imagination

Portals into Deep Imagination: Celtic Mythology, Nature’s Year, and the Quest for Soul, is an anthology of weekly contemplations and practices for mature spirituality through the lens of psychology, inspired by the culture and mythology of the Celts in Britain and Ireland and their link with nature.

Metaphor and symbolism are often thought to be the language of the deep imagination, so vital to a soulful path which Celtic myths and legends are alive with. Their dreamlike quality, where the boundary between fact and poetic imagination is misty, allows us to engage with these symbolically, as if interpreting a powerful illuminative dream, to promote insights for living.

The book illustrates how Celtic tales of the Otherworld offer exciting openings for understanding, including dreams, non-ordinary states of consciousness, content of the deep imagination, and a bigger Mystery of life.

Bringing psychology alongside the Celts, in this way, allows for a conversation on spirituality where psychology sometimes leads and, at other times, where Celtic voices illustrate poignant truths for a path travelled in depth. Ultimately, the book is a companion for contemporary spirituality in an age of transition, a resource for path-walkers to live more from soul via the ancients, nature, and life’s Mystery.

From ‘Portals‘ back cover (draft).

Book to be published by Aeon at the beginning of 2025.

Image: The Tuatha Dé Danann (folk of the goddess Dannan though most commonly Danu) as depicted in John Duncan’s Riders of the Sidhe (1911). The Tuatha Dé Danann, (Gaelic: ‘People of the Goddess Danu’), in Celtic mythology, a race inhabiting Ireland before the arrival of the Milesians (the ancestors of the modern Irish). The Sidhe is the Irish Otherworld domain of the Tuatha.

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