Lughnasadh is an ancient Celtic festival marking the beginning of harvest, often linked to Lugh, the deity of light or brightness in Celtic mythology. Psychologically, this is a fitting time to think about generosity and receptivity in your life, or even to reflect in less ambitious ways on your journey into the year this far.

Through a series of nature connection explorations and conversation, and by contemplative walking, the day invites you to reflect on your journey and life meaning in relation to the tale of Lugh and in “light” of Earth’s journey in this time of climate change and loss of nature.

Traditionally, Lughnasadh was often marked by climbing nearby hills to pray and to gather blaeberries, or by visiting lakes and wells. In keeping with this tradition, the walk will take a circular route through Ford Moss Nature Reserve, across Broom Ridge to Goats Crag and down to the waterfalls at Routin Lynn (or Roughting Linn). The return journey will follow Broomridgedean Burn before crossing the Burn in the direction of Ford Moss. The large brick chimney, at Ford Moss, is part of a former coal mine; a monument to an age passing-by and reminder of the challenges facing us in current times.

The most difficult transition to make is from an anthropocentric to a biocentric norm of progress.”

Thomas Berry


Place: We will gather where the conifers sit as guardians to the entrance of Moss Ford Nature Reserve

Walk difficulty: Moderate | Distance 4 miles approx.

Date/time: Saturday TBC | 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Fee: £50 | 6 places