Research suggests nature experiences increase wellbeing in ways that cannot be achieved by other means. Benefits are enhanced when you bring attention to your experience in a range of ways, for example, through noticing the detail of nature and how this feels in your body. Writing is a way of deepening this experience and capturing the process as it unfolds.

This exploration uses Embodied Writing to deepen your experience in nature and bring to the surface themes for reflection and consideration on your life journey. This unique writing process was first developed for use in depth psychological research as it is a simple, yet effective, way of easing below the surface of your life to see what’s there; what’s waiting to arise; what’s longing to be lived; and what’s blocking the way.

The day consists of explorations designed to help you discern your growing edges and commit to what may arise. Time will be spent on your own as well as in a facilitated group, where plenty of opportunity will be given to discuss and process your experience.


Place: Northumberland National Park

Date/times: Saturday 8 June 2024 | 10.00am to 4.00pm

Walk difficulty: Leisurely

Fee: £50 | 6 places