Ecopsychotherapy (or ecotherapy) locates the person within the wider context of nature with which we are inextricably linked. This may inform some of the conversation in therapy and determine the therapy setting. This means that therapy sessions may take place both inside (online) and in nature, depending on the weather. The most significant factor of engaging in therapy outside is the way nature enters into the conversation, to bring insight and perspective. The wellbeing and mental health benefits of being in and connecting to nature are well-known. Engaging in therapy outside offers many of the benefits of conventional therapy, with the further advantage of resourcing you in ways that last, to potentially increase the value of your therapy.


The first appointment (30 minutes) is online via Zoom. and there is no fee. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your therapeutic needs and to consider whether engaging in therapy outside is initially the best therapeutic way forward.

Appointments: 1 hour | Fee: £60.


Online in Zoom and/or face-to-face in a nature setting in Berwick-upon-Tweed or near Lindisfarne, Northumberland.

Outdoor talking therapy is an evidence-based approach” (British Psychological Society)