Climate Café

We live in difficult times and many people feel anxious, helpless, overwhelmed, and even afraid and angry at being in an Anthropocene climate change. But concern is also rooted in our connection and empathy for nature and people. So it is more than about anxiety, it is also about care and compassion. Living with the realities of climate change and nature depletion is often difficult to do alone. Taking time to express and listen to the experiences of others may help bring new perspective, and foster a sense of solidarity.

Climate Cafés are informal social gatherings where groups sit with tea, coffee, and cake and talk about our thoughts and feelings in response to the climate crisis and loss of biodiversity. This is one way of coping with the challenges facing us all. While cafés are bounded by confidentiality, these are not therapy. Rather, these are warm, friendly and hospitable conversations.

As a member and partner of Climate Psychology Alliance I am trained to facilitate Climate Cafés. I also draw upon nearly thirty-years of therapeutic experience, a background of working with groups, and consultancy work in a range of settings since the 1990s.


Duration: 1.5 hours without a break.

Fee: There is no charge.

Participation: Maximum 8 places per group.

Setting: In-person at various venues in Northumberland and Scottish Borders.

Schedule: Announcements of the next public Climate Café will be posted here. Invitations are also welcome from organisations or businesses wishing to host a Climate Café.


Northumberland, oil on paper (2021)

Living with Climate Change

This workshop explores ways to live with climate change and discern what your capacities or gifts are in response to this. The day draws upon research and insights from psychology, including practices from positive neuroplasticity to increase resilience and wellbeing. The workshop also uses Embodied Imagination as a creative way to discern your unique response to climate change. This means that the focus of the day will be practical and experiential rather than theoretical.


Date: Saturday 9th April 2022

Times: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: Berwick-upon-Tweed Parish Centre

Participation: Maximum 10 places

Fee: Contributions